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Import Nmap scans and quickly gain situational awareness during active engagements.


Global Service Notes and Custom Command Templates help you find vulnerabilities fast.


Capture screen shots and code snippets as you gain administrative privileges.

Engagements, Hosts & Services

The fundamental building blocks of your penetration test

Transform Your PenTest Workflow

The PenTest.WS platform eases your penetration testing process at every step. From automating Nmap scans, to copy-and-paste command libraries, to building a client deliverable.

Auto Recon

Scan templates & additive Nmap import

Auto Attack

Copy-And-Paste Command Library per Service

Auto Report

Findings Library & Custom Report Templates

Gain Situational Awareness

Never lose track of your targets and maintain focus on the objective

Collaborate With Teammates

Explore as a team. Hack as a team. Report as a team.

Let's Get Started

Join today and start building your personal list of scan templates, shells library, service commands, checklists and so much more. Free to join and be sure to check out the Hobby Tier for more advanced features.

  • Unlimited Hosts & Services
  • Import Nmap & Masscan XML
  • Shells Library & Global Commands
  • Full Featured API
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  • Unlimited Hosts & Services
  • User-Defined Scan Templates
  • Import Nmap & Masscan XML
  • Global Service Notes
  • Boards & The Matrix
  • Full Featured API
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Hobby Tier


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  • Service Command Library
  • Default Service Checklist
  • Engagement, Host & Port Note Pages
  • Scratchpad Editor
  • Clients Manager
  • Priority Support
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Pro Tier


Per Year


  • Offline Stand-Alone Application
  • Findings Library
  • DOCX Based Reporting Templates
  • Subnetting System
  • Shared Engagements
  • LDAP & SMTP Integration
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