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FeaturesFree TierHobby TierPro Tier
Pricing Free!
ad supported
$4.95 monthly or
$9.95 quarterly
$249.00 each per year
Unlimited Hosts & Services
User-Defined Scan Templates
Import Nmap & Masscan XML
Global Service Notes
Shells Library & Bookmarks
CVE DB, Exploit-DB, Nmap Scripts, MSF Modules
Echo Up, CyberChef & Venom Builder
Boards & The Matrix ViewsNEW
Full Featured APINEW
Hobby Tier
Global Command LibraryLimit 5
General Notes LibraryNEWLimit 5
Service Command LibraryPOPULARLimit 2 / Service
Scratchpad EditorLimit 2 / Host
Default Service Checklist
Engagement, Host & Port Note PagesPOPULAR
Clients ManagerNEW
Findings LibraryNEW
DOCX Based Reporting TemplatesNEW
Pro Tier
Offline Stand-Alone Application
User Maintenance Control Panel
Subnetting System
Shared EngagementsNEW
Access Control ListNEW
LDAP & SMTP IntegrationNEW
Large Engagement SupportNEW
Tens of thousands of Hosts per Engagement
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